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Sel, 13 Oktober 2020

The Jakarta Post

German-made hansgrohe SilicaTec granite sinks offer elegant colors, quality that lasts

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Jakarta, Indonesia | Sat, September 26, 2020

We have been spending more time at home, and one of the most popular spaces at home to spend quality time together with our family is the kitchen. With many now taking the form of the now-trending welcoming, open floor-plan design, a kitchen is not merely a place to cook and eat, but also a place to study, work and entertain. To be able to serve several purposes, an open-floor kitchen design ideally juxtaposes functionality with aesthetics. The ideal design should also apply to the sink, which is one of the most important parts of the kitchen. A great choice for an open floor-plan kitchen – which blends harmoniously into the living environment – is hansgrohe’s new SilicaTec granite range of kitchen sinks. hansgrohe offers a comprehensive range for the kitchen centerpiece, including under mount and top mount single bowl sinks, double bowl sinks and single bowl sinks with a draining board. Even during the liveliest moments that involve red wine, coffee, tea and even hot pots and pans, owners of SilicaTec kitchen sinks will never need to worry about stains. SilicaTec features quartz and acrylic resins, providing natural look that is also pleasing to the touch. And that is not all it has to offer, as only rounded quartz particles from quartz sand, the hardest constituent of granite, are processed to make the sink. The result is a smooth, hard and non-porous surface, easy to clean and dirt repellent. Moreover, SilicaTec is odorless, UV-stable, heat resistant, food safe and impact resistant as well as stain resistant, which explains its durability, even when withstanding the most hectic of kitchen routines.


Simple and sleek: Single bowl sinks make for small, efficient kitchens.


The fact that the award-winning Phoenix Design Studio is behind the minimalist, linear look of the sinks explains their superiority. The design is distinguished by a broad rim surface, showcasing the material and providing room for additional features. This wider rim is the connecting element for the innovative two-hole mixer used in hansgrohe sink combination units, including the SilicaTec granite range. Meanwhile, the overflow is positioned on the right side of the bowl, giving the sink a clean, uncluttered look. Functionality and aesthetic values aside, the SilicaTec granite range is also highly user-friendly. All innovative hansgrohe sink combination models in graphite black can be requested with a choice of two intuitive controls. The controls have been positioned at the front right-hand side of the sink rim for more ease of use. The first model has a central control unit, which is a lever handle on the front right-hand side of the sink. It can be switched and turned to select precise water temperature and volume. Water flowing from the tap can then be turned on or off by simply pressing the Select button strategically positioned on the spout. As for the second model, the Select button, which turns water from the multi-spray kitchen tap on and off, is located on the right sink rim.


The bigger, the better: A large sink bowl is available to choose for the homes of daily big feasts.


Both models allow you to control the flow of water using the back of your hand or elbow, for instance, when your hands are dirty. Furthermore, to improve the experience of using SilicaTec granite sinks, hansgrohe sBox stows away the hose of the pull-out spray tap in a flat casing that keeps the base cabinet tidy. The hansgrohe sBox protects the hose from being bumped into by drawers and waste bins, while ensuring comfortable, smooth and quiet functioning. In addition, the sBox enables the use of hoses up to 76cm long, enabling a convenient operating range as well as making it easier to fill vessels near the sink. Aside from providing users with an improved Kitchen experience, the collaboration between hansgrohe and Phoenix Design reflects the story of the harmonious blend of technology and design that dates back many decades. For more information on hansgrohe SilicaTec granite sinks, head to hansgrohe-asia.com or send your inquiry to info@hansgrohe.com.sg. To stay connected with us, like our Facebook page @hansgrohe.

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