Wisma Sehati

Realonda Agadir Ivory


Rp 370.000,00

Realonda Agadir Ivory


Rp 370.000,00
(price per m2)

Borong semua stok Realonda Agadir Ivory 11.74 m2 & Realonda Agadir Deco Marron 22.51 m2 hanya Rp 6.507.500,- 

Reinterpretation of the eternal seduction of natural stone, with ample possibilities of textures, chromatic variety and formats always keeping its imperishable beauty; It is ideal for personalizing all types of indoor and outdoor spaces.

44.2 x 44.2

Quantity per box:
44.2 x 44.2 || 1 box=7 pcs=1.37 m