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ModernLife Back-to-Wall 2pc


Price by request

ModernLife Back-to-Wall 2pc


Price by request
Back-to-Wall Two-piece Dual Flush 3/4.5L Washdown Toilet with Rimless Flushing Technology and Slim Seat S-trap.


  • Simple and timeless forms to match any bathroom design
  • Innovative invisible rim channel leaves no place for germs to hide
  • Rimless bowl design offers 360deg dynamic flushing with optimized hygiene and flushes the inner bowl thoroughly
  • Beveled rim slants towards the interior of the bowl to prevent the excessive liquid accumulating
  • Stacked seat design allows easy lifting of the seat without touching the bowl
  • Slim seat with quick-release function
  • Same product with night light seat can be found by 78318K-0
  • S trap 305mm

Product code : K-78799K-0

Dimensions : L 650 mm, H 793 mm, W 360 mm

Color : White

Brand : KOHLER

Washdown vs Siphonic

There are two types of flushing systems that are commonly used, washdown and siphonic.

Washdown Toilet
In a washdown system, water is immediately sucked down immediately after the flushing button is pressed. Usually followed by a little noise when the water is sucked down. The washdown toilet has a small water surface area in the bowl that is located deep inside. This toilet also has not too wide size and is suitable for those of you who are dynamic and like the minimalist concept.

Siphonic Toilet
The way it works in the siphonic system, first the water rotates in a spiral shape in the toilet bowl, before finally entering the drain. It is almost noiseless. For those who are concerned with comfort and often wake up at night and don’t want to disturb other family members, a siphonic toilet would be the right choice.