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Rp 9.427.000,00



Rp 9.427.000,00
Two-Piece Toilet, 3/4.5L with Slim Functional Seat, S-trap (305mm)

ModernLife Two-Piece Toilet is launched as a key product with Revolution 360™ flushing platform. Its modern and slim design is able to match in various style of interior design for both residential and commercial scenarios.


  • Revolution 360™ platform generates powerful swirling 360-degree coverage for optimized hygiene; invisible rim channel without ledge leaving nowhere to hide for germs and dirt
  • 30° beveled rim allows excessive liquid on rim surface to fall back into the toilet bowl, ensuring greater hygiene
  • CLEANCOAT™ applied on the ceramics ensures liquids to bead-up to prevents dirt and water stains
  • Ultra-thin tank lid and seat made by UF material intensifies modern sense of style
  • Stacked seat design for easy lifting, prevents user directly touching the ceramic, offering a more hygienic user experience
  • Apron skirted bowl eliminates unnecessary edges and corners, facilitating fast and thorough cleaning of all areas
  • Nightlight option offers you a safer and more convenient experience during the night
  • Built-in fragrance delivers pleasing scent to enhance your bathroom environment
  • 90º Quick-Release functionality simplifies seat removal easy-cleaning of upper bowl

Product code:

L 700 mm, H 815 mm, W 396 mm,


Washdown vs Siphonic

There are two types of flushing systems that are commonly used, washdown and siphonic.

Washdown Toilet
In a washdown system, water is immediately sucked down immediately after the flushing button is pressed. Usually followed by a little noise when the water is sucked down. The washdown toilet has a small water surface area in the bowl that is located deep inside. This toilet also has not too wide size and is suitable for those of you who are dynamic and like the minimalist concept.

Siphonic Toilet
The way it works in the siphonic system, first the water rotates in a spiral shape in the toilet bowl, before finally entering the drain. It is almost noiseless. For those who are concerned with comfort and often wake up at night and don’t want to disturb other family members, a siphonic toilet would be the right choice.