Wisma Sehati

Allia Terra Cotta Grigio / Antislip Grigio


Rp 360.000,00

Allia Terra Cotta Grigio / Antislip Grigio


Rp 360.000,00
(price per m2)


Allia Terra Cotta Grigio Rp 360.000/m2
Allia Terra Cotta Anti Slip Grigio Rp 370.000/m2  –  Sale 1-31 Jan >> Rp 296.000/m2

There is no limit as to where it can be used – large areas in these warm earthy tones will be an attractive option. In terms of format, the new trends call for an updated version of the traditional square shape.

1 box consist of :
1 pc    40×60
2 pc    40×40
1 pc    20×40
1 pc    20×20

Quantity per box:
1 box = 6 pcs = 0.72 m2


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